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Arduino educational kit now with Scratch for Arduino learning board

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What's Make it! ?

Make it! is an Arduino based kit that includes an exclusive Scratch for Arduino (S4A) board. Thanks to the S4A learning board, this kit is perfect for kids and education purposes joining the flexibility and power of Arduino with the easy-to-use of Scratch and Scratch for Arduino. With the S4A learning board smart design, no protoboards and wires are required to start working with Make it!. Great for kids and beginners!!!

  • Arduino Nano & S4A Board included.
  • Sensors: LDR (light), LM35 (temp), Infrared.
  • Inputs: Potentiometer, Keypad, Joystick, Buttons.
  • Actuators & outputs: 2 Servos, Buzzer, LED's, 2 Relays.
  • Ready to work with S4A software.
  • Fully compatible and reusable for any standard Arduino based project.
  • Open Hardware.

What's Scratch for Arduino (S4A) ?

S4A is a Scratch modification that allows for simple programming of the Arduino open source hardware platform. It provides new blocks for managing sensors and actuators connected to Arduino.

  • Based on the acclaimed Scratch from MIT.
  • S4A works with Arduino Diecimila, Duemilanove, UNO & Nano.
  • It is possible to connect S4A to multiple boards.
  • Easy to use and extensive community support.

Introducing Make it!

Take a look at this video to understand what's Make it!, their advantages and how to start using it.

Make it! tutorial: Using a joystick to move 2 servos

How to move to 2 servos using a joystick, the Make it! kit and Scratch for Arduino software.

Make it! tutorial: Temperature sensor

How to set up, run and test a LM35 temperature sensor using Make it! and Scratch for Arduino software.


We offer you the following packages:

S4A Board


  • Ready to work with S4A software.
  • Compatible with Arduino Nano.
  • 4 Buttons.
  • 4 LED's.
  • Create your projects easily without protoboards.
  • Compatible with any Arduino ready sensor / actuator.
  • Designed for experienced Arduino users.
  • Open Hardware.
  • Includes Arduino Nano.

Make it! Pro


  • Includes S4A board.
  • Includes Arduino Nano.
  • Includes a set of sensors.
  • Includes a set of input devices.
  • Includes a set of actuators.
  • Create your projects easily without protoboards.
  • Compatible with any Arduino ready sensor / actuator.
  • Open Hardware.
  • Practical package design.
  • Designed for Arduino beginners.

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